VIRTUi®3 PC-Based Program for CLS Series Forklift Scale


  • Virtual front panel consists of display and two or three button keypad
  • Printer port configuration, serial or TCP/IP
  • Provides CLS configuration screen
  • Supports CLS diagnostics
  • Weight indication screen
  • Weight display
  • Zero, print and in-motion clear buttons
  • Capacity, resolution, units, motion and center of zero status annunciators
  • Unit ID
  • Configuration, calibration and diagnostics menus
  • VIRTUi3 Mini minimized weight display screen

Virtual Forklift Scale Display Solution

VIRTUiis a Windows®-based desktop application that works with Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ CLS Series forklift scales to replicate indicator functionality ideal for those wanting to provide a PC-based solution. The CLS connects to your device using RS-232, USB or Bluetooth®. Choose between the CLS-M or CLS-IM configuration for static or in-motion use.

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VIRTUi3 Specifications

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows® 8.1 or greater
Serial port connection to CLS Series forklift scale
Additional serial ports are required for connections to printers/remote displays 100 MB space needed
8 GB or greater RAM
Units, capacity, resolution, motion, center of zero

NTEP CC 04-058


Software,CLS-M Virtui CLS-M Forklift Virtui PC Software for Windows, Bluetooth Option for CLS-M/IM


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