882D Belt Scale Integrator


  • LCD display
  • Hardware slot for two option cards
  • Operator access to audit trail, preset tare, accumulator, time & date and setpoints through menu keys
  • Password protected audit trail tracking for configuration and calibration changes
  • Setpoints for control and alarms
  • Four onboard digital I/O channels
  • Four programmable ticket formats up to 1,000 characters
  • Filter settings for noise
  • Speed inputs

882D Belt Scale Integrator

Belt scales used in demanding industries like mining, bulk material blending, and sand or gravel quarries require instrumentation that can keep up. The tough yet compact 882D belt scale integrator is engineered to provide straightforward, accurate data in a wide range of environments — even hazardous locations. Designed with advanced programming capabilities and an I/O option, the 882D can be customized to manage product dosing and metering.

A backlit display makes for easy viewing of rate, speed and time, even in lighting conditions where a screen would typically be difficult to read. The 882D’s IP66 stainless steel enclosure protects the instrument from severe weather and is well-suited for exposure to harsh environments. Whether you are belt weighing for process control or a truck, barge or rail loadout application, you can rely on the 882D for durable performance in every setting.

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882D Specifications

Input voltages: 100 to 240 VAC; 9 to 36 VDC
Input frequency:50/60 Hz

Power Consumption:
AC: 15 watts; DC: 20 watts

Excitation Voltage:
10 VDC 8 × 350 ohm (16 × 700 ohm) load cells

Analog Signal Input Range:
-45 mV to 45 mV

Analog Signal Sensitivity:
0.3 μV/graduation minimum at 7.5 Hz;
1.0 μV/graduation typical at 120 Hz

Sample Rate:
7.5 to 120 Hz, software selectable

Internal: 8,000,000 counts 23-bit
Display: 100,000

System Linearity:
± 0.01% full scale

Digital I/O:
Four I/O onboard primary keys, pseudo functions, batching functions

Communication Ports:
RS-232 full duplex or RS-485 half duplex; USB 2.0 Micro B connector; Ethernet TCP/IP

Pulse Input:
Dual inputs for redundancy

LCD display, 0.8 in, seven-digit, seven-segment weight display, 3 × 20 pixelated prompt area

Load, total, rate, speed, zero

Flat membrane panel, tactile feel

Operating Temperature:
Industrial: 14 °F to 122 °F (-10 °C to 50 °C)

(L x W x H)
9.93 × 4.00 × 8.94 in

12 lb (5.4 kg)

Stainless steel

Two-year limited

EMC Immunity:
18 KV, 10 V/m

CE Approved
cULus Listed


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