Tripp-Lite DNET1 Ethernet Surge Suppressor


  • RJ45 input and output connections
  • Five-inch Ethernet patch cable enables ideal protection placed as close as possible to the point of use
  • Six-inch heavy gauge lead connects to designated grounding lugs on protected equipment
  • Surge suppression utilizing high-speed avalanche diodes divert excess energies on the network to ground

The Tripp-Lite DNET1 Network Surge Suppressor diverts excess energies to a ground using high speed avalanche diodes. This is ideal for NICs, terminals, hubs, MAU and LAN equipment.

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Tripp-Lite DNET1 Specifications

Interface Type:

100 Base-T, 10 Base-T, Token Ring, AS400/Sys3x, RS-422. Ideal for NICs, terminals, hubs, MAUs, LAN equipment. RJ11/45-compatible. RJ45 cable included.

Lines Protected:
1 to 8

Peak Pulse Clamping Voltage:
7.5 V

Maximum Current:
750 amps

One-year limited


Network Protection, Surge Suppressor RJ45, 10/100 Baset-T, Token Ring, RS422


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