JB8SPT TuffSeal® Signal Trim Junction Box


  • Transient protection
  • PreVent™ breather vent
  • Conformal coated circuit board
  • Removable load cell connectors
  • Section and individual cell trim capability
  • Field replaceable transient protection
  • One coupling, 0.5-inch NPT cord grip to 0.75-inch NPT conduit fitting for homerun cable
  • Number of cells: Two, four, six or eight single load cells (even number of cells only)
  • Expansion port
  • Truck, livestock and railroad scales

Offering the ultimate protection for important load cell output, the JB8SPT TuffSeal® signal trim junction box with transient protection is the optimal choice for truck, livestock and railroad scales susceptible to potentially destructive outdoor elements. The TuffSeal Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) NEMA Type 4X enclosure effectively protects sensitive circuit boards and allows easy access for signal trimming individually or by section. The included transient board protects circuitry from devastating power surges.

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JB8SPT TuffSeal Signal Trim Junction Box Specifications

Cable Fittings:
(9) 3/8 in NPT 0.157 to 0.314 in
(2) 1/2 in NPT 0.272 to 0.472 in

NEMA Type 4X
Polycarbonate with overlapping solid cover, stainless steel screws

Pluggable screw type, 12 to 28 AWG

Individual cell trim

100,000 ohm, 25-turn cermet

Temperature Range:
Operating: 0 °F to 122 °F (-18 °C to 50 °C)

Circuit Board:
5.7 × 7.2 in with conformal coating

One-year limited


J-Box,JB8SPT 8 Channel Signal Trim with Expansion, Polycarbonite Nema 4 w/transient protection, Board,8 Channel ST Signal Trim And Section Trim w/Expansion, Board ASSY,Transient GDT Summing Box transient protection board, Enclosure,JB8SP/SPT Only JB8SP/SPT Junction Box Enclosure W/O Cord Grips and filter. Incl Back plate, cover and gasket.


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