RoughDeck® PC Pancake Cargo Scale


  • Foot adjustment holes for leveling scale from above
  • Four ball-encapsulated feet
  • Four IP66, alloy steel 10,000 lb load cells
  • Top-access junction box
  • Epoxy paint for added protection. Ramps are painted yellow and scale is painted black to easily distinguish live weighing surface.
  • 20 ft SURVIVOR® EL147HE hostile environment load cell cable to connect scale to indicator. Cable can exit scale/ramp from any corner.
  • Scale and wraparound ramps to access scale from all sides
  • Ramps have integrated foot keeper plates to keep scale in check with ramps
  • Holes in ramps to access internal anchor tabs from above. 16 anchor bolts at 3/4 in included.
  • All surfaces diamond tread

The RoughDeck PC pancake cargo scale has wraparound ramps for easy vehicle access in all four directions. The PC pancake cargo scale is available as 10 × 10 feet with a capacity of 20,000 lbs.

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RoughDeck PC Pancake Cargo Scale Specifications

End Load Capacity:
100% full scale at 20,000 lb

Cable Length:
20 ft (6.1 m) for connecting junction box to indicator

Junction Box:
TuffSeal® JB4SS stainless steel, NEMA Type 4X junction box with signal trim card


Threaded Eyebolt:
Four holes (3/4-10 NC)

Warranty (limited):
Weldment: Five-year
Load cells: Two-year
All other components: One-year

Roughdeck PC Pancake Cargo Scale Dimensions

A 120.00 in C 4.37 in
B 35.80 in D 0.38 in

Scale, Roughdeck PC 10x10HP-20K 10ftx10ftx4-3/8 20,000LB


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