Ranger 7 Variable Range Simulator


  • High resolution design
  • Used in high precision testing, troubleshooting and calibrating digital weight indicators
  • Switchable offset
  • Painted die-cast enclosure

Precise and Dependable Load Cell Simulator

The Ranger 7 is the simulator of choice for precision testing. Designed for applications that require high resolutions, it features a switchable offset and two Vernier controls, along with switches that go down to 0.01 mV/V.

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Ranger 7 Variable Range Simulator Specifications

Two ranges; one is equal to the sum of the 0.05 mV/V switch and the 0 to 0.5 mV/V switch. The other is the sum of the 0.5 mV/V, 0.1 mV/V and 0.01 mV/V switches.

Load Impedance:
Three settings:
X0.5: 700 ohm
X1: 350 ohm (one standard load cell)
X4: 87.5 ohm (four load cell platform)

± 0.01% + 1µV

Low Thermal Electronics, Type 2758 precision gold plated binding posts, standard banana jacks or
14 AWG wire

Temperature Coefficient:
5 ppm/ °C

Zero Offset:
± 0.0005 mV/V

Output Range:
0 to 3 mV/V in 0.01 mV/V steps

LED Annunciators:
Offset ON
0.5 mV/V
0.1 mV/V

One-year limited


Simulator, Ranger 7 High Resolution Load Cell Simulator, With Selectable 0.01mV Steps, Cable,Interface Simulator I four foot cable with banana plugs


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