MS200 Portable Monorail Scale


  • 8-inch live-rail designed to weigh one trolley
  • 750 × 0.5 lb resolution
  • Compatible with both 3/8 in and 1/2 in rails
  • Requires less than 41 in of straight rail to install
  • Electroless nickel plated, steel construction
  • 25 ft of load cell cable for flexible installation
  • Slightly recessed live-rail for the trolley roller provides stable weighments
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MS200 Portable Monorail Scales Specifications

Electroless nickel plated steel construction, stainless steel hardware

Load Cell Construction:
Stainless steel

Bridge Resistance:
350 ohm nominal

Rated Output:
2 mV/V

0.03% full scale

One-year limited

NTEP CC 90-003, Class III, 1500d


Scale,Monorail MS200HB Portable 750x.5 lb NTEP III 1.5 USDA Zinc. Compatible with both 3/8" and 1/2" rails., Load Cell,SPT 1510-500kg 25ft 2mv/v 350 Ohm TH SST WS NTEP III S Monorail, Monorail, Config and Cal Indicator Configuration and Monorail Calibration. Includes: Larger Crate Required for Indicator and Monorail Packaging.


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