Minebea Intec PR5230 Fieldbus Transmitter


  • IP66, stainless steel, electro-polished construction
  • Display for weight and status information
  • OIML approval for 10,000e, and an internal resolution of 4 and 8 Mio. counts
  • SmartCalibration feature for fast calibration even without weights
  • Serial Interface RS-485/422 and RS-232
  • Option cards: Analog output 0 to 10 or 4-20 mA, DeviceNet and Ethernet/IP
  • Load cell connection board for up to four load cells

Minebea Intec PR5230 Fieldbus Transmitter

The fieldbus transmitter PR5230 is a product for readout and transmit weight values to installed networks and control systems. LCD display is configurable and displays up to 10 items, and can be installed at the process. Through the different interface upgrade possibilities and the robust stainless steel housing, the PR5230 is an innovative and flexible process unit.

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Minebea Intec PR5230 Fieldbus Transmitter Specifications

Stainless steel electro-polished
IP66, RoHS compliant

(L × W × H)
13.78 × 9.84 × 5.91 in
(350 × 250 × 150 mm)

Net: 1.45 kg (3.2 lb)

Display and Status:
LCD, transflective, back-lit
Weight: 6-digits
Size: 128- × 64-pixel, graphic
Information can be configured
Status LEDs to signal operation and error conditions

Internal Keys:
In the housing: 3 keys for Zero, Tare, Test

Supply Voltage:
230 VAC, (+10/-15 %): 24 VDC, (±20 %)

Power Consumption:
11 W

Control Outputs:
Quantity: 3
Relay output, passive
Functions: Limits, weight status
Voltage: max. 30 VDC
Current: max. 30 mA

Control Inputs:
Quantity: 3 opto-isolated input, passive
Functions: zero setting, taring
Voltage: max. 30 VDC
Current: max. 10 mA

Remote I/O:
The I/O can be set internally via a function and remote via fieldbus or PC

All I/O circuits fully galvanically isolated from sensor input and supply 3 inputs/3 outputs (relays)

Load Cell Connection:
All strain gauge load cells; 6 or 4 wire connection

Load Cell Supply:
12 V, short-circuit proof. External load cell supply possible.

Minimum Load Impedance:
Min. 75 ohm (e.g. 6 load cells with 600 ohm or 4 load cells with 350 ohm)

Measuring Principle:
Measuring amplifier: Delta-Sigma converter
Measuring time: min 5 ms – max. 1600 ms

7.5 nV (appr. 4.8 Mio. div.)

Usable Resolution:
0.2 μV/d

LC Input Signal:
Measuring signal: 0 bis 36 mV
(for 100 % nominal load)

WandM Approval (in preparation):
10,000 e class III acc. to EN 45501; according to. OIML R76, min. verification interval: 0.5 μV/e at 160 ms

< 0.003 %

Temperature Effects:
Zero: TK0 m < 0.05 μV/K
RTISpan: TKspan < ±2.5 ppm/K

Digital Filter for Load Cell:
4th order (low pass), Bessel, aperiodic or Butterworth

Ethernet Interface for Optional IP Card:
Ethernet TCP/IP and Modbus® TCP
Definition of an IP address: – AutoIP; – DHCP Server classification; – manual entering of an IP address
Automatic detection of signal transmission and corresponding change over (cross-over or patch cable)
Web service via SOAP|UPnP (Simple Object Access Protocol) Synchronal Modbus UDP

Serial Interfaces:
RS 422/485 and RS232Protocols: Remote Display, SMA, Modbus RTU, printer and Minebea digital scales (XBPI – protocol)

Options Analogue Output PR 5230/06 (C11):
0-10 VDC or 4 -20 mA, internal resolution 16 bit, usable stepwidth: 0.5 μA max. load 500 O, user configurable

Fieldbus PR 1721/4x (C2x):
Profibus®-DP, Interbus-S, DeviceNet®, CC-Link, Profinet® and EtherNet/IP®

Load Cell Connection Board PR 5230/22 (C31):
For the internal connection of up to 4 load cells (instead using a cable junction box)

Environmental Conditions Temperature:
WandM: 14 °F to 104 °F (–10 °C to 40 °C)
Operation: 14 °F to 122 °F (–10 °C to 50 °C)
Storage: -4 °F to 158 °F (–20 °C to 70 °C)

ATEX Approvals PR 5230:
II 3G Ex nA nC IIC T4
II 3D Ex tD A22 IP6X T80° C
II (2)G [Ex ib] IIC
II (2)D [Ex ibD]
KEMA 10 ATEX 0065 X


Transmitter,PR5230/00 Minebea Ethernet, Module,Ethernet IP Minebea PR1721/47, Module,DeviceNet 5.1 Minebea PR1721/44, Module,0-4-20Ma interface Minebea PR5230/06, 9405 152 30061


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