Minebea Intec Combics 2 Digital Weight Indicator


  • Amber backlit LCD display, 0.8 in, 13-segment
  • External calibration routine
  • RS-232C
  • On/Off, Zero, Tare, Print/Data keys
  • Function keys for: Gross/net toggle; three-way unit toggle; 10X higher resolution toggle
  • Numeric keypad with two IDs for entering identifier codes and preset tare
  • Info key for quick and easy display of tare input and ID codes
  • Date/time fully integrated
  • GMP compliant printable record
  • NICE Label Express FlexiPrint compatible
  • Platform toggling and four function keys
  • Three built-in LED checkweighing lights
  • Bar graph weighing range indicator
  • Application data and totalization memory stored in battery-backed RAM
  • Optional bar code scanner for preset tare, reference weight and ID entry
  • Stored customer-specific data records
  • Optional two scale connections, analog or digital

Minebea Intec Combics 2 Digital Weight Indicator

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Combics 2 Digital Weight Indicator Specifications

Load Cell Connection:
4 or 6 wire 

Excitation Voltage:
9 V

Power Requirements:
120 to 240 VAC, 17 W / 23 VA maximum

AISI 304 stainless steel 

(L × W × H)
11.9 × 7.4 × 3.5 in
(302.26 × 187.96 × 88.9 mm)

Operating Temperature:
14 °F to 104 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C)

IP Rating:
IP44, IP69K 

Net Weight:
5 lb (2.3 kg)

Indicator: Two-year limited
Accessories: One-year limited


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