CW-90 Over/Under Checkweigher


  • Membrane keypad consisting of ZERO, UNITS, PRINT, TARE, OVER, UNDER, ID, TARGET, 0-9, CLEAR, DECIMAL, ENTER, MENU, POWER
  • 304 stainless steel, IP66 rated indicator
  • PreVent™ breather vent
  • Storage for up to 50 IDs
  • Unit of measure: kg, gm, lb, oz, lb/oz (lb/oz is not Legal for Trade)
  • High-intensity LED display
  • Battery backed time and date
  • Two full-duplex RS-232 serial ports
  • Configurable print formats
  • Audit trail tracking
  • Optional communications: Ethernet, USB or fiber-optic
  • Four configurable Digital I/O
  • Reflash memory to upgrade firmware
  • Auto-print capability
  • Accumulator
  • Factory calibrated


  • Aluminum, environmentally sealed load cell
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Meets HACCP requirements
  • Five-point overload protection

The Checkweigher of Choice

Rice Lake’s CW-90 checkweigher is designed to help speed up your weighing process and reduce production downtime, two critical factors to your company’s bottom line. Ease of use, real-time data collection, and rugged stainless steel construction make the CW-90 the equipment of choice for operators, quality control and maintenance departments. The CW-90 is competitively priced for all light industrial settings.

Easy to Configure

The configuration menu of the CW-90 is accessible through the front keypad, eliminating the need to open the back of the indicator and expose the unit to moisture or contaminants. Access to these keypad controls can be limited to meet the operator’s needs. The CW-90 will store detailed information for up to 50 separate IDs, allowing for easy recall of previously saved information. An adjustable contrast display is visible in any environment.

Simple to Maintain

The CW-90 has kept things simple to meet the needs of today’s lean manufacturers. Use this checkweigher by easily watching the over/under lights. Program the unit with specified weight limits and a red light will display an underweight condition, yellow for over, and green when a target weight is reached. Rice Lake’s CW-90 will help error-proof your production process and achieve your productivity goals

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Guaranteed Safe Checkout

CW-90 Over/Under Checkweigher Specifications

Power AC:
Line Voltages:
115/230 VAC
50/60 Hz

Power Consumption:
1.5 A at 115 VAC (8 W)
0.75 A at 230 VAC (8 W)

Measurement Rate:
960,480, 240, 120, 60, 30, 15, 7.5 per second

System Linearity:
±0.01% full scale

Digital I/O:
Four channels on CPU board

Circuit Protection:
RFI, EMI, ESD protection

Large 0.8 in, 14 segment, six digit high-intensity red LED display

Scale Frame:
AISI304L, straight line finish, Ra=45 +/- 10

Scale Cover:
AISI304L, straight line finish, Ra=45 +/- 10

Designators for %, kg, gm, lb, oz, center of zero, G/B, N, T, PT, neg, motion

Operating Temperature:
Legal: 14 ºF to 104 ºF (-10 ºC to 40 ºC)

IP66, stainless steel

Display: 100,000

Load Cell:
Aluminum, environmentally sealed

Two-year limited

NTEP CC 08-092, Class III/IIIL 10,000 d
Measurement Canada AM-5710, Class III 10,000 d
OIML R76/2006-GBI-10.02
UL and CUL listed
CE marked
NTEP CC 95-072, Class III 5,000 d
Measurement Canada AM-5082


CKWGHER, CW90 10X10 5 lb/2.5 kg with 12 inch column 115VAC SST, CKWGHER, CW90 10X10 10 lb/5 kg with 12 inch column 115VAC SST, CKWGHER, CW90 10X10 25 lb/10 kg with 12 inch column 115VAC SST, CKWGHER, CW90 12×12 25 lb/10 kg with 12 inch column 115VAC SST, CKWGHER, CW90 12×12 50 lb/25 kg with 12 inch column 115VAC SST, CKWGHER, CW90 12×12 100 lb/50 kg with 12 inch column 115VAC SST, Ind OPT,Ethernet Interface CW90, CW90X Straight through 10ft ethernet cable with PG11 cord grip, Ind Opt,Wireless LAN Card RS232/WiFi Interface 802.11 A/B 10/100 XPico for CW90,720i,iQube2, Cable,USB Type A To USB Mini-B 1 Meter Long, Cable,RS-232 5-Wire DB-9F to stripped and tinned leads, Ind Opt,Fiber-Optic Rx/Tx CW90, CW90X, 820i Internal Mount With Bus Power, Cable,Plastic Optical 100 ft. includes polishing kit, Cutter, Fiber Optic Disposable, .750 and 1.0mm single and duplex jacket Industrial Fiber Optics #IF-FC2, Software, WeighVault for CW90/90X License (English), Ind OPT,Ethernet Interface 720i, 820i, iQube, CW90, CW90X


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