920i® FlexWeigh Systems Flow Rate Controllers

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  • Wall mount stainless steel enclosure
  • Application program 105, 106
  • Front panel switches E-Stop, Reset/Resume, Start
  • Softkeys for presets, CN#, ID#, formula#, totals
  • Accumulating subtotal & total registers
  • Transmitted audit trail
  • Digital I/O board
  • Relay rack and SSR relay outputs

105 Basic Flow-Rate Controller

  • Dispense preset net weight quantities at preset flow rate values.

106 Loss-In-Weight with Flow-Rate Control and Automatic Refill

  • Dispense preset net weigh quantities at preset flow rate values with automatic refill when gross weight drops below threshold.
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920i FlexWeigh Systems 105, 920i FlexWeigh Systems 106


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